Trust. Quality. Professional.

Today you read in the news how some contractor took the money and ran. Or they had an issue on a job and didn’t take the time or effort to properly try to address a problem that occurred during the process of completing a project.

Our reputation means everything, so we strive to maintain it vigorously. Your trust in us to do everything we said we would do is super important. You work hard, save the money, and take time off work to have us transform your Bathroom or Kitchen into something special. And to us, your project is important because we want your family, friends and the neighbors (even the nosy one across the street) to be our customers.

Communication is key to a successful completion of any renovation project. We will have open communication and answer all your questions. If we don’t know, we will find out. Many items are ordered through a 3rd party and my take several days to get, or even weeks. We will tell you when any order is placed so you know in fact that what you asked for is on the way.

Punctuality. Being on time is a big deal. We will be there, you are waiting and ready and we will be too. Things happen where there may be a delay, we will call if any such thing happens. We won’t leave you hanging.

THE MESS! We respect your house and will cover up carpets, furniture, and anything close to the room we are working on. We have even built special protective shelters for expensive or sentimental items near the work space, like clocks or a piano that cannot be moved. We try to maintain a clean working environment at the end of the day we don’t leave a mess you must walk around all night. All debris removed is hauled away, swept up and outside we blow off drives and walks. You don’t do anything.

Friendly service. Having a stranger in your house and then being disrespectful to you is just unacceptable. We don’t tolerate anyone being mean or rude. You have concerns and you have questions. We will address them in a civil manner.

Quality of the products we sell are the best we can get, Some things are pricey because you can’t go down to the home improvement store and buy what we sell and install. We don’t sell or install cheap box store products. Yes your neighbor or cousin can “do it cheaper” but they won’t be able to get top notch quality products. And they don’t install every day. We know what we are doing. We don’t do roofs. and we don’t do decks. We do bathrooms and Kitchens. Our total focus is just that. Why on earth would you have a roofing company install your new bathroom? Well you wouldn’t.

I just know if you trust us to do your Bathroom or Kitchen we take it seriously and we do it with pride. Take a look around get multiple prices and estimates. But we encourage you to call us too. Thanks for taking the time to look at our site.

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