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We are experts in special needs remodeling and home modifications for those that have a disability, use a wheelchair, walker or feel unsteady. This type of remodeling helps you to meet the challenges of independent living by creating a freedom that reduces disabilities. Whether you’re a senior or have trouble getting around, a few accessible home modifications can make your life a lot easier. We at Fisher Home Service are Toledo area professionals specializing in home remodeling for the disabled.

Home modifications can ease the tasks of your daily activities of getting around your home or office. Safer environments can be designed to help prevent accidents for seniors and those that have disabilities including our beloved veterans. A variety of designs can be incorporated to increase your independence and safety at home making for a more comfortable environment. We understand your needs and build to accommodate them. Call Fisher Home Service at 419-975-8312 or contact us here for general inquiries. Get your free, in-home, no hassle, no pressure free estimate here.



Our goal is NOT to get your new bath system done in one day, but instead to strive for the highest quality of work, convenience and excellence. Let us show you. Contact Fisher Home Service today for your free estimate on our top-notch home and bathroom remodeling services!


We strive to consistently provide superior quality and results so you, our #1 customer, are completely satisfied and would recommend our bathroom and home remodeling services to friends and family.